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The Harrodsburg Historical Society has published a book of original images, inside and out, of this historic building before it the exterior was covered with clapboard. The volume also gives an in depth history of the structure, its uses, and the people who built it, including a listing of names from the adjacent cemetery.

Dutch Reformed Church
(Old Mud Meeting House)

Dry Branch Road, Harrodsburg, KY

This vertical log building with mud and straw panels between the logs is one of the most historic and architecturally important buildings in Kentucky. Built in 1800, this was the first low Dutch Reformed Church west of the Allegheny Mountains; it has been used continually as a church for various denominations until quite recently. Adjacent to the church is the graveyard where rest the ashes of Revolutionary War soldiers who moved to Mercer County. The premises is owned and maintained by the Harrodsburg Historical Society. A nearby marker reads, “First Dutch Reformed Church west of the Allegheny Mountains. Established by fifty families who came to Mercer County from Pennsylvania in 1781.”