Three Greek Revival Houses of Mercer County

Lynnwood (A. H. Bowman House); Walnut Hall (David Thompson House); Glenworth (Robert J. Mosby Davis House), Harrodsburg, KY

Within an approximate five-mile radius of Harrodsburg are three Greek Revival farm residences built ca. 1850. These houses achieve distinction through associations with persons prominent on the local, state, and national levels. Architectural merit is attained through their being outstanding examples of the Greek Revival style as employed in residences in the central part of the state. Each house has its own distinct features, yet despite this fact and despite their differing dates of erection and locations in the county, all three share numerous similarities. No builder or architect's name has surfaced, but the same hand may have been connected with the design of each. The most noticeable similarities are the masses, floorplans, porticos, and entrance treatments. The nomination form details the architecture and historical backgrounds of each house.